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Monday, December 17, 2012

Earn cash back with your phone with the Endorse App!

As many of you know, there are tons and tons of apps that are available to download with your iPhone or Android phones. But did you know you can actually make money using apps?

The app is called Endorse
I found out about this app through BzzAgent and signed up right away. 

First things first: The app is 100% totally free for you to download! Sweet!

What you do is purchase items as you normally would and don't throw away your receipts! Check the endorse app weekly. I think every week new products get added. 

All you have to do is scan your receipt, the whole thing, every inch of it. It's pretty simple, we're all great photographers thanks to Instagram so taking pictures is a piece of cake! After uploading your receipt you'll want to check off the items of the week that you purchased. After a few hours or sometimes it takes up to a day, you'll see the cashback that you earned. 

Say you purchase a $4.00 tube of toothpaste with a cash back rate of 20% once your receipt upload is processed you'll get $0.80 in your account! You can increase your cash back percentage if you share your offer with friends through Facebook. 

Now, how do you get paid? 
Two ways:
You can either set up payment by check which they mail to you. (Must have $25 in account for this plan) 
Set up through your PayPal account and you can cash out at any amount!

I've been using Endorse for a couple of weeks and already have $6.25 in my account. It's not a get rich quick app, but it sure is cool to get rewarded. I've gotten 100% back on my Starbucks coffee twice! 

Try it out! You'll love it! Here's a picture of my account that shows I've earned $6.25 so far! 

I did my first cash out with PayPal and the money was instantly in my account!

Get the Endorse App here today!


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