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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Fresh Shirt Dry Cleaner Review NYC

Before moving to NYC, I would bring my fianc├ęs work shirts and pants to a dry cleaners not too far from our old apartment. It was very cheap and the clothes always came out great. The only problem with them was that it took a little over a week to get our clothes back. Sometimes he didn't have any to wear so we would go out and buy a few more while we were waiting to get the dry cleaned clothes back. 

Since moving to NYC, our building has this cool website where we can check in on deliveries, schedule furniture deliveries, and schedule a maintenance request. One of the cool features I found was that they had a partnership with My Fresh Shirt Online Dry Cleaning. Residents of our building also get an extra 20% off each order! I scheduled a pick up and two days later, TWO, our dry cleaning was dropped back off! The pants were pressed like they were brand new. They came back in perfect condition! Since it was our first time using them, we just used a normal bag for our clothes but after they dropped them off, they gave us a really nice dry cleaner bag with a tag on it so that every time we use them, our information will be easily accessible. 

I did have some issues at first with credit card authorization going through, I still have no idea what went wrong but a few emails and phone calls were exchanged with one of the managers (who was very helpful and friendly) and we got it taken care of. 

If you live in the NYC area, I highly suggest using My Fresh Shirt. The customer service I received was professional and timely and the quality of the dry cleaning is great! 

Check them out here!
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