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Monday, January 7, 2013

Save Money by Renting Your Textbooks! Review and Promo Codes!

I remember my first semester in college. Everything was new to me and I had no idea what I would actually need. After planning out my schedule, a few weeks before classes start I got an email from some professors giving out the information for the class including the syllabus and which textbooks we would need. Some classes required two or more textbooks!

 Again being completely new to this, I headed for the campus bookstore. Mistake numero uno! I must say, it was great though. The workers there new exactly which book I needed as well as any supplemental materials I would need. They guided me towards the books and I was heading for the register in less than 10 minutes. My grandmother came with me since she wanted to help pay for my books (so awesome, I know). I immediately felt sick to my stomach when my total was about $600! Are you freaking kidding me?! These publishers are making a killing!

 Fast forward a tiny bit, I later learned from one of my professors that the bookstore wasn't run by the campus, but a third party looking to make a profit, a BIG profit.
After that I was determined to never, EVER spend that much on textbooks again! I heard a lot of other students talking about how they "rented" their textbooks. Like I said, going into college I didn't know anything like this even existed.

By next semester,  I used a few different companies. They were ok, but the books weren't in that great condition and some were missing pages (what the heck?), some didn't even have the book I was looking for. After my third semester, I found the perfect book renting site that I have been using for the past 2-3 years! This site is called Bookrenter.

Why I love them:

They have the best prices on textbooks- I've always found them to be the cheapest!
They have free shipping both ways-When you rent them and return them!
They always have a promo code you can use to get extra savings!
The books are in great condition-Several times they've been brand new!
You can write and highlight, just like you would if you owned it-Amazing!
If the curriculum changes and your book requirement is changed, you have up to 21 days to exchange it for the right one!

As of now, these are the current promo codes to help you save even more! 

GIRLMEETSPROD- Gets you 10% off 4 or more rentals or 5% off 2 rentals exp: 2/15

RETAILSHIPJAN- Gets you free 2nd day shipping with $125 or more purchase

I will be using them within the coming weeks for my next semester! They have great customer service and if you "like" their Facebook page, they always have contests where you can win awesome prizes! 

Again, the link is here!

Good luck this semester! 


Elegance Personified said...

Hi there. I am Ada - nice to meet you. And thanks for stopping by my blog & for the Liebster Award. That is sweet of you. I will get to that Liebster later today, actually.

Also, I would love to have you guest-post on my blog. You can post about anything & everything. But please also include a small introduction of yourself. You can submit your post to me before January 22nd please. E-mail me at: ada.furxhi<@> OK Looking forward to your post then.

By the way great advise on textbooks.

P.S. Wanna follow & support each other?

Thanks, Ada. =)

Stephanie said...

Hey, cool .... I didnt even KNOW you could rent textbooks. A great idea for those you wont wnat to keep!

Girl Meets Product said...

Hey! Glad I can help others save money when it comes to textbooks!

JLxTurbo said...

The cost of books is crazy! A technique I used was to simply wait until classes begin to buy books. I used to email teachers asking if the text was necessary. Some would say no. The rest of the time, I would feel out class for the first week before buying the textbook.
I wrote other tips at:

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